For the Heart Short Stories

The Story of Jack von Der Ben

He wasn’t dressed like a disheveled, broken man.

His clothes spoke out “I’m a respected man with a streak of misfortune, but I’ll get back on my feet.”



Esencia desnuda
Que derrite mis prejuicios
Y abandona sus deseos entre las huellas
Que dejaste cuando te fuiste.


On Love and Infidelity: Lessons from my great grandfather

For a man who is 86 years old, he sounded well. Though I know his body was not, his mind was still very much in tact. He had given me his usual ‘How many girlfriends do you have now?’ opener, his way of asking if I’m in a committed relationship.

For the Heart

….who help themselves

My first exposure to self-help took place several years while I was enthralled in a pyramid-schemed business venture. I was still fresh meat in college and was dealing with the same concerns many college students struggle with throughout their time: how to pay for college, searching for a career that meant more than a paycheck, finding […]

Short Stories

Stories in Dreams

Dreams. (I don’t mean the kind you think of when you’re awake) I’m talking about those strange moments between consciousness and unconsciousness. Freud said it was the door to our mind, unleashing our innermost secrets long hidden behind our defense mechanisms and instinct to survive. But are they really more than just our brains’ s way […]

For the Heart

One Year Later

This is for anyone that sets a goal and pushes forward, only to look back to see they aren’t as far as they’d like to be. 365 days ago, I moved to California in search of, well, I didn’t even know at the time…freedom? purpose? dreams fulfilled? Hell, I had no idea what I really […]


Dapper Man

Dig down into the rabbit hole until you reach a prejudice.

For the Soul Poetry

Detox – A love story

You’re fluent in denial, it’s become your native tongue.

Isolated from society because the drug and you are one.

Current Events

An everypersons’ guide to: Fluoridated Water, Part 1: The Basics

Remember that old expression?
Well, turns out there is something in the water. But, it’s not the T virus.
I’m talking about the F-word: Fluoride.


Pre-writing Musings or Utter Nonsense

Mind the message for it is just a masquerade. Channel the child as you lift off the veil.

Are you in tune with him yet?

Does she yell for your breakthrough?

Listen…LISTEN, for the voice is faint, but clear.