Never Enough

December Poetry Prompt 4 – Thirst

Its never enough
to satiate our appetite,

to be content with
fool’s gold, to

keep adding change
to the cycle of capitalism,

to profit off of speculation,
earn dividends on divisiveness,

to gain capital from the
gaping wage gap

We’re indoctrinated into greed,
born into self-interest,

told to put yourself first,
grind away, to ignore.

Ignore the cries
of the impoverished,
‘cuz you gotta
get that new iPhone.

Ignore the salvo
of sweatshops, limbless
children, as you try on that
cute dress, you deserve it.

Ignore the blood spilled
over diamonds, as you get down
on one knee, proposing
with the spoils of war

Ignore the suicide of overworked
delivery drivers, warehouse
runners, ‘cuz who can resist
next day shipping?

Ignore the world, it
burns for our thirst.

And we are
never satisfied.

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