To evolve is to know pain

December Poetry Prompt 3 – Evolve

To evolve is to know pain

Shedding soft uncalloused
skin, bruised, sunburnt,
in place of graphene
armor, breaking brittle

bones in place of stainless
steel, resilient, impregnable.

To evolve is to bleed

Purging the body of
toxins, gashes of raw
skin as rancid blood
drips out, reopening

wounds, uncovering cancer
cells, metastasis gnawing
at your sanity, spitting
at your personal

growth, diseases
uncured, cauterizing skin

To evolve is to excavate

a steady surrender into
your basest form, shovel
and spade digging through
mounds of dirt, exhumed

skeletons, trauma clinging
to your foundation like
rotten roots.

To evolve is to begin again

Starting from zero, building
anew on the ground where
your stunted spine grew
gnarled, contorted. Ripping

out overgrown weeds, filling
the void that bore
your addiction, discarding
rotted fruits, making space
for new seeds.

Seeds to your reincarnation.
Seeds to your evolution.

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