P.S. I love you

Day 29 – Write a love poem to yourself

If you asked me in my youth, never.
If you asked me now, definitely top 10.

The difference between the two is a lifetime of encouragement, fuck-ups, mistakes, blood, tears, broken bottles, accidents, free falls, silent nights, foreign dirt, domestic mental violence, and love from so many.

The road to self-love and healing is never straight, sometimes elusive, but fucking worth it.

Encumbered by your aspirations, 
paralyzed by your own power, 
your true strength rests underneath 
extra pounds and weary skin

Mental combat on the daily,
fighting back the waves of sadness,
punching air and kicking waves,
you fight the villain with no form,
push him back one more night.

Your wear your heart on your bicep, 
a light brown birthmark 
as your badge of proof,
that evil couldn’t make you bitter,
and light still finds a way
to shine through.

And though some days, 
you won’t believe it,
I will tell you, so you remember,
You are enough.

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