For the Heart

I left my job and now want to be a writer…now what?

(Not a Poem) Some thoughts about my career change

It seems there’s a common misconception that I fell prey to when I daydreamed of quitting my full-time job and living a life of words and research.

That your ‘path’ will open up once you start working what you love.

It’s more like you have to start from scratch.

For the past 8 years, I worked in the Customs Brokerage Industry, which by itself seems cryptic but it’s really just clearing shipments through Customs. I gained a ton of experience with International trade and U.S. Customs Law and other government agencies.

But creative-wise, it was another story. Now I find myself with all this specialized knowledge, a love of and prowess of writing, and no idea where to go with it.

Some ideas that have since made it into my purview:

  • Editor or Editor’s assistant
  • Researcher / Freelance Writer
  • Blogger (about Customs Brokerage, Writing, etc.)
  • Book Reviews
  • Copywriter
  • Business writer
  • Grant Writer
  • Stick with Novel Writing (Go for Broke!)

I’m just spitballin’ here.

I haven’t decided and feel like I’m finally sitting down to seriously think about what I want to do and what my next step is.

Regardless, I’ll continue to write. And share poetry. And muse about everything under the sun.

Stay tuned.

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