Trinity of Revolution

Day 21 – Write a poem on revolution


Revolution is a movement
Born from destitution
Fed up with crooked ways
We march for better days

We burn their flags and protest,
engage in civil unrest.
Demanding change and fairness,
assuming that we’re helpless.

You employ your tactics
to keep us well-distracted.
You feed us shiny toys
so we forget their ploys.

But you forget our power,
to endure the final hour.


Revolutions, allegories
To how heroes morph the story
How do we get dictators?
They weren’t always traitors.

They believed in something greater
even praised as innovators.
They believe they fight for good
and acting as they should. 

Power slowly corrupts,
change is never so abrupt.
When the revolution’s done,
they see the villain they’ve become.


A revolution is a movement
that offers no improvement.
It feeds to the illusion
that violence yields solutions.

It goes in one direction
and follows no succession.
An instance of revolving,
a start and finish spawning 

Revolution’s not a statue,
never meant to be a breakthrough.
It was meant for smaller acts,
signs of love with huge impact.

In hearts of kinder souls it lives,
and grows when from our own we give.
In gesture towards the common man,
in charity and shaking hands.

We can change our fates, however small,
when we unite and fight for all.

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