The Worst Breakup Mixtape Vol. 1

Day 12 – Describe your life using only the titles of your favorite songs.
Of course, with credits!

I remember¹ walking in the rain to a café to write down price thoughts in public.²

Making progress³, looking for Love.⁴
One⁵ day of fate⁶, You Found Me⁷ drowning⁸, black⁹.

All my life¹⁰, I was on my way to find you ¹¹, my favorite faded fantasy¹².
But gravity¹³ carried away ¹⁴ black tears. ¹⁵

You and I¹⁶, the crow and the butterfly¹⁷,We both made promises¹⁸, promises(we couldn’t keep)¹⁹.

As I lay me down²⁰, waiting in vain²¹ for the last train home²², comfortably numb²³,
Keep me in your heart²⁴, mujer amante²⁵.

Winter²⁶ substitutes²⁷ your touch²⁸.An empty apartment²⁹ can’t hide³⁰ the ghost of you.³¹

You, The One That Got away³², my unchained melody³³, will always be more than a memory.³⁴


1. I Remember- The Roots 

2. Walking in the Rain to a Cafe to Write Down Private Thoughts in Public – City Girl

3. Making Progress – Blackalicious

4. Looking for Love – Whitesnake

5. One – U2

6. Day of Fate – TeamFourStar, Paolo Cuevas, Ani Djirdjirian

7. You Found Me – The Fray

8. Drowning – BANKS

9. Black – Pearl Jam

10. All My Life – Foo Fighters

11. To Find You – Sing Street

12. My Favorite Faded Fantasy – Damien Rice

13. Gravity – Sara Bareilles

14. Carried Away – Shinedown

15. Black Tears – Tyler Bates

16. You and I – PVRIS

17. The Crow and the Butterfly – Shinedown

18. We Both Made Promises – Alan Silvestri

19. Promises(We Couldn’t Make) – Saving Time!

20. As I Lay Me Down – Sophie B. Hawkins

21. Waiting In Vain – Bob Marley & The Wailers

22. Last Train Home – LOSTPROPHETS

23. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

24. Keep Me in Your Heart – Warren Zevon

25. Mujer Amante – Rata Blanca

26. Winter – Khalid

27. Substitute – Frank Turner

28. Your Touch- The Black Keys

29. Empty Apartment – Yellowcard

30. Can’t Hide – Ameerah The Songstress

31. The Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance

32. The One that Got Away – Katy Perry

33. Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

34. More than a Memory – Hoobastank



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