11 Things I hate and love about Coronavirus

Day 10 – Write a list poem.

I hate the neighbor’s laughter, especially when it’s late

I hate the growing stack of cups and dirty plates

I hate the extra service fees from GrubHub and Postmates

I hate the fear the news relates, and then regurgitates.

I hate the stars and actors, who swear they’ve got it rough

I hate the way our nurses need to fight for their own stuff

I hate the corpses piled in heaps, they died because of us

I hate the POTUS’ incompetence, did not prepare enough.

I hate the people who still go out, and refuse to wear a mask.

I hate the gloves thrown on the ground, their skulls I want to bash.

But most of all, I hate that we slowed our role, when it was us at stake

It took a fucking virus for Mother Earth to catch a break.

I love the time we have now, to heal these nagging wounds.

I love the books I get to read, while listening to Blues.

I love the meals we eat together, and sharing daily chores

I love the spark and reconnection, of what we had before.

I love the skies without the smog, a deeper hue of blue

I love the smiles of passerby’s, kinship we never knew.

I love the selfless acts of love, that keep us going strong

I love the way we listen now, beyond what’s right or wrong.

I love the animals returning, back to their rightful homes.

I love the Earth’s relief she feels, now that we’re stuck at home.

But most of all, I love that Nature found a way, to solve its human crisis,

for us to see we’d kill ourselves, if left to our own devices.

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