Unmask my mistakes.
Highlight my losses.
Focus on my faults.
I don’t regret them.

Glaze my flaws
with yellow paint,
decorate my surface
with amber kinks.

Let golden veins
adorn my hardened
skin. They shine
at the points
where I break,
where I was

I’ve endured your
boiling hate, absorbed
hellfire much longer
than gentle skin
could handle.

My tempered flesh
won’t crack under
your scalding pressure.

My skin won’t
react to the
corrosive acid in
your words.

It absorbs the
fire out your
gaze, and warms
my insides.

Just because something
is broken, does
not make it
any less beautiful.


Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with resin mixed with gold. The process highlights the cracks of an object rather than hiding it, showing them as its history, not its flaws.

I’ve always been fascinated by this concept, and feel our mistakes and flaws are underrated and should be celebrated.
No cracks in our surfaces are the same.

But we can all relate with having imperfections and desiring to fix them.

Art by. K. Lamphere

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