The Bull that Fell in Love with the Moon

A poem based on a folkloric Spanish song about a bull that fell in love with the moon.

Image by loli bernal serradilla
Inspired by ‘El Toro y La Luna,’ composed by Castilian Carlos Gómez, made popular by Gypsy Kings.

I once heard of a bull
His colors were dull
His horns had been blunted
and his legs were now stunted

But when the moon was her brightest
His heart was then lightest
When her face was full
So, Too, was the bull’s.

He chased her at night.
He pranced, and took flight.
Dying with might
To be her first sight.

But when the sun showed his face
and started his race,
The moon left her place,
leaving only a space.

And during this space,
The bull showed no grace
to show his distaste
of the Moon’s fleeting pace.

The day crept with yellow
and peace filled the meadow.
But the bull forced a bellow,
Which he sang A cappello.

One night, then another
The bull sought his lover.
No type of cover
Could mask the Bull’s shudders.

Days of loud mourning
Filled the Bull’s yearning
Until the gods showed compassion
and released the Bull’s passion

Full of fury and fire,
though weary and tired
He screamed his desire
Until his proud body retired

The gods heard his plea
and acknowledged his love
They granted him solace
In the heavens above

When he opened his eyes
To his wondrous surprise
The Moon shined before him
and revealed her disguise

“Now, we’re together,
My Beautiful Light.”
“In the darkest of nights,
you’re my eternal sight.”

So goes the legend
of Taurus the Bull
The story of the Bull
That fell in love with the moon

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