Stubborn Rose

Photo by Nebojsa Mladjenovic
2174 Friday the 13th – Nebojsa Mladjenovic

Stubborn Rose

How you hide your thorns from me
and pretend your stem doesn’t thirst for me.

Why do you deny your want for the sun?
Are you convinced you can survive on shit alone?
On the cold, drips of rain falling from weathervanes? Of the dew of the secret morning light?

Does your petal take into account how green her hue shun when I bathed it with my love?

Or how the sharpest red pierced the gray sea of grass and fought for the eyes of many onlookers and passerby’s?

Can you complete your goals with only your roots?
If your wild heart beats fastest with mine at your side, why punish it for its truest expression of desire?
Why cage the songbird if he sings sonnets when left unrestricted?
Trapped inside, only dull clicks and foreign gasps of amber caws escape his breast.

Together, your soul burned brightest.

If you choose gray over blue, why do you then paint every picture with my shade?
If you’ve only bathed in shallow waters, why do you mock the depth of the ocean?
If you fear what chaos leaves behind, love, why do you hold your hand over the fire?
If you’re so convinced that a love is not what you yearn, why is love the only song you sing?

I cannot grab your hand from the flames, nor melt away your decisiveness.

I only hold a mirror and ask you to look inside.

Is this,

am I,

what you’ll regret less in the end?



One comment

  1. I really enjoyed your poems tonight – esp “where I’m from” so raw with fresh imagery!!! Nice to meet you – tiffany dawn hasse

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