Sol Edad

Still, your sweet eyes swell with salty seeds of shame.

Image by Sole Perez

A poem with the challenge of using as much alliteration as possible. Alliteration can be similar letters, sounds, or syllables in consecutive orders. The most I really knew about alliterations were tongue-twisters and the like, with the first letter repeating consecutively. I didn’t expect to write anything coherent, but lo and behold, a theme of choosing materialistic goals wedged its way into the piece.

Note that this poem is in English and Spanish.

Quickly, quietly.
Cruze la quinta, Carlos.
Castigando, cuestionando que carrera cae Don Cabrera
Encapsulado con cari~o
Cualquier cosa, casi cobran cinco cocas, caro y costoso
en la costa de Nari~o.

El sardino sonríe sonrisas sinceras.
Sufre sin saber su salvo, suplica:
“Siete pesos, solo siete.”
Sopas y ciruelas.

Santo de la esquina, la quinta sita del quinto Sabado de soledad.
y sin embargo, oscuridad.
O seguridad.

Según los discípulos, sufrimiento sale de tu ser
si aceptas el Se~or, según sus sabidurías.
Sabias que santos sufren?
Sienten soledad sentados solos en el sofa,

Sipping slow sips of sugar syphoned from saccharin and syrup.
Scoundrels scurry.
Students sigh secretly, suspecting that success through the system sounds suspiciously sardonic.
Shouldn’t simple symbols of success shine serendipitously, soldered on your shoulders?
Signs of scrutiny and stern symmetry shape your soul instead.

In its stead
You are just a silhouette.
A sliver of the shining star that once shied away from no one.

Slick silver
Sirens in your seat
Silver studs on your shirt.
You’re a stud!

Still, why the sad, solemn sulk?

Seven steps to stardom?
Six successful screenplays?
Saturdays of sin and scandals, slipping off silk dresses, sex with the succulent?

Still, your sweet eyes swell with salty seeds of shame.

In the soundless shrine of the soul, sorrow sleeps in secrecy.
Since you selected self-satisfaction over sabiduria y sinceridad,
You sit in solitude.
Solid. Tear.

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