Short Stories

The Psycho & The Tree 4/4

So…this was a bit weird. A serial killer, a Marvel hero, and a scene from Naruto all make an appearance.

By far the weirdest of the 4 entries. I remember thinking at its inception to let go and just let out whatever came out, with little restrain or fear or being absurd. And you know? The story is a bit absurd…but that’s the point. To embrace the absurd. The ridiculous and the strange.

Funny how this exercise of restraint showed me how important it is to write without constraints.

(This is part of a 4-part writing exercise. See the first link for the rules of the exercise and the first three posts below.)
Annie’s Last Hope 1/4
Panic Attack 2 / 4
“He’ll be ready for you.” 3/4

The slow crunch of grass broke Jeffery’s concentration. A step was the culprit. It came slowly, inevitable, so sure of itself. Jeffery didn’t look back.

He knew this day would come.

“Jeffery Dahmer? L.A. County Police. Hands in the air and get on the ground.”

He did so.

“Don’t I get to know my rights, officer?”

“You’ve been read your rights. You know the drill, you son of a bitch.”

“And what am I being accused of?”

“The murder of 32 women, asshole!,” yelled a second voice.

He only smiled. Ht didn’t resist, only shrugged to get a better look at his arresting officers. He had been surrounded. A whole squad had been stalking him, waiting for the perfect time to take him.

But there was something else he wondered.

“Officer, just how exactly did you get past the guards?”The officer in charge, Lt. Alvarez grabbed Dahmer to his feet and turned him around.”

“What guards? Your place was empty. It was a cakewalk to find you with all the breadcrumbs you left behind. You’re not as clever as you think, Dahmer.”

His charge was interrupted by the sound of a scream. Alvarez turned, gun and flashlight in hand, pointing at its source. Officer Troy had a dark brown rod protruding through his chest cavity. Every officer pointed their gun at the void behind Troy. As he fell to the ground, the assailant showed itself. Only giant corn-stalk were seen.

“God Damnit, what the fuck was that?”

“Officer down. Requesting paramedics and back up!”

“Stay with me,  Troy.”

Alvarez turned towards Dahmer. “What is this? Who’s out there, Dahmer?”

Dahmer continued to smile. He looked straight at Alvarez and winked.

One by one, the officers were impaled. Gunshots were fired in all manner of chaos. Whatever was attacking them had left no sign of leaving or entering the corn stalks surrounding the officers. Dahmer got up faced Alvarez.

“Don’t move, asshole!” Alvarez was trembling as he pointed his gun at Dahmer’s head.

“What the fuck is this shit? I sweat to God I’ll put a bullet in your head if you don’t tell me what just my guys?”

“Oh, a friend.” He sucked his teeth and made a clicking sound.

The ground shook, knocking Alvarez to his knees. He held onto his gun and grabbed a corn-stalk to break his fall. Behind the dead policemen, a figure began to emerge. It stepped out into the light. A foot made of leaves, a leg covered in patches of grass. Arms a dark brown bark. Alvarez gazed up at the creature he had only heard rumors about. The Charming Monster. Hick BigFoot. The Brown One. Reports had all claimed it was at least 7 feet tall but this thing was nowhere near that.

The creature bent down and peered into Alvarez’ eyes through two slits across the bark of his face, studying this prey.

“Don’t kill him, Groot. We need him alive, but you can play with him.”

The giant tree nodded and spewed an arm out of its chest. It caught Alvarez in the leg.

Dahmer walked over to Alvarez and patted his head.

“You almost had me this time, old friend. Shame, I was getting tired of outsmarting you. Do you ever wonder why I always knew you’d be coming? Why I was just out of reach to you every raid? Every attempt? Here it is. It’s the only one I’m giving you. I have a big fan in your team, Alvarez. He’s been quite the resource.”

Alvarez was writhing in pain, trying to pull the jagged stick out of his leg. He struck the bent edge of the stick withthe butt of his gun. In one movement, he ripped the branch out, letting a bellow of pain escape from his mouth.

The monster yielded, waiting for the next command.

“Alfie, this has been fun But I think you know what needs to be done now. So?”

Alvarez said nothing. His extended arm was shaking under the weight of his gun.

“Alfie, just do it.”

“This is …” he grabbed his receiver and gritted through his teeth, “…Lt. Alvarez. The situation is contained.”

“Release Dahmer’s family.”


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