For the Soul

The essence of learning by 荀況 (Xun Kuang)

Tell me and I forget. 

Teach me and I remember. 

Involve me and I learn. 

It’s often said that the most effective style of learning is simply by doing it yourself. There is a lot to be said about effective teaching styles based on traditional oral lecture.

But the lessons I’ll always remember are the ones that didn’t feel like lessons. The ones that played out harmoniously, for better or worse. Unscripted, at least in my eyes, coming from a sentient being with a limited life span. Perhaps, in the grand scheme of the universe, every human interaction is scripted and follows some sort of pattern.

Those lessons that humble you, teach you just how good you have it. Or how lucky you really are. Or how much of a prick you were to that guy who cut you off.

The old adage about horses and water? Turns out you can drive the point home as hard as you can to someone, but unless they’re willing to learn, and are open to, aka involved and with stakes in it, they’re not going to budge.

Trust me, this is coming from someone who’s stubbornness has ended relationships and have caused many moments of frustration.

Make someone a part of the narrative, and they will not forget it.

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