Your Majesty 

The ember of her lips, they draw me closer. 

The sweet sigh of her misgivings, the tender frailty of her innocence behind her majestic eyes. 

The smell of her skin penetrates my lungs and grips tightly until memory latches on and engraves itself into my mind.

Her voice soothes the deep void in my gut, cools the heat inside. 

The stillness of her soul follows me, brings with it a newfound religion.

And I, her loyal subject, give every fiber of my being to her. Even just for one night, I yearn to embrace every rite of her holy text, embroidered on her breasts and back. From which I dutifully recite and kiss delicately to reveal the secrets that lurk within her moans of ecstasy.

Show me the magic that rests inside of you.

Reveal to me your inner workings.

Your delicate flower.

Your demons that you have yet to quell. 

The mundane and the profound. 

Share with me all of it, or nothing at all.


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