Prisionero – Mark Vallen

My bones were swollen

My eyes were broken

My words were stiffened

and actions unspoken.

I was too deaf to see

Too blind to hear

My body was stricken

By a bad case of fear.

But my soul remained untouched.

Broken tears from a salty heart

slid down my wounded cheek,

piercing old scars and painful

traces of a distant past

and a not-so distant future

of whips and chains

Corrosive venom coursing through my veins

Like a silver-tounged bullet shooting straight for my brain.

Yet still, my soul remained untouched.

Even when my arms gave out

Knees grew unsteady

and the voice deafened all…

until my collarbone cracked,

from this weight on my neck

that’s just so DAMN heavy…

And still, my soul remained untouched.

Because of one simple notion:

One that the willow knows but the wind does not

One that the oppressed know well

but the oppressor knows not:

The will to endure will triumph

over the will to conflict.

So do your worst

to this bag of flesh and bones.

Kick my ears in,

Bite my teeth off.

Shackle my hands,

Sever my foot off.

But when the smoke clears, and the ashes lift

And all notions of time and logic cease to exist,

and when my sense doesn’t even make words anymore!

My soul will remain untouched

Ray of Hope –¬†Mrutyunjaya Dash



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