Requiem of Desire

Soul on Fire
Photo Credit: Derek Freske

Today is feeling. Today is fleeting.

Today is booming. Today I’m choosing.

Today, my friend, will be a day for us to stay.

Slay the beast that feasts upon your mind and find

the chime in your heart that rings true.

True to you and no one’s truth is more true or less true than your own.

But it is yours to choose.

Yours to prove, yours to deny

Yours to improve

Yours to swear in

Yours to cast out.

Today is wanting. Today is flaunting

or maybe haunting, somewhat hauté

or maybe salty.

If you need propane, to light the fire,

conserve the desire, express without tire,

embrace the ire, but honor the supplier,

and feed when desired.

All fires expire

when quenched of desire.

Take heart that the art may part,

and cart off

all of your dark.

All of your light, all you’ve brought forth in its own rite,

all your creations, all machinations,

all incantations that earned their owns stations,

all of the stories you invested much patience,

all of your dips and all your elations,

all of the cries, tears and frustrations.

The Pain

The Pleasure

and grit.

The grit

That grit that knows not to quit, it spits and it spits,

all manner of shit.

All through the night, it stood steadfast and lit, into the gallows it found your dark pit.

And this grit kept you writing, kept you fighting

Kept you free from the trip.

Free from the road of the heartbroken prole.

The spin of the wheel of the cog of the beast, that feasts on the fruits that inspire you least, and feeds you these toys and these alloys of plastic and coy ploys of steel.

To Steal you from feeling that which you feel,

numbing your senses, leaving you senseless

full of cents and scents but with no sense of self.

So go, NOW!

and remember your fire.

Remember to save it from the culture of liars.

Tire you may, but press on through the mire.

Let the world know,

You are fueled by desire.

fire_dance_by_satiiiva-d6uufhf (1)
Fire Dance – by Sativa


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